OLG Asks Horse Racing Industry To Provide Input On A Long-Term Financial Model

The horse racing industry in Ontario is being asked to provide input on a long-term financial model with respect to the ongoing integration and modernization of gaming in Ontario. That news comes from a letter addressed to Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association (OHRIA) President Sue Leslie on Thursday (October 15) by Stephen Rigby, President and […] Read more »

OHRIA Updates The Progress Being Made Between The Horse Racing Industry And The OLG

The cancellation of Ontario’s Slots at Racetrack Program (SARP) has necessitated a lengthy and critical review of how the province’s vital horseracing industry might move forward to a future of profitable growth and true self-sustainability. This is, by no means, a simple task or one to be taken lightly. Patchwork “fixes” are not an option […] Read more »

Ontario’s 2015 Budget Hints About Proposed Changes In The Horse Racing Industry

  On Thursday, Ontario’s Finance Minister Charles Souza released the 2015 Budget. While the province’s horse racing industry wasn’t referenced in terms of an increase or decrease to funding, the Budget did hint to other proposed changes. In the section titled “Creating a Supportive Business Environment“, the Province noted changes will be proposed on a […] Read more »

Details And Possible Impact Of NDP Natyshak’s Motion Set For March 28 in Ontario Legislature

Many questions surround the motion that will be presented and debated in Ontario’s provincial legislature this Thursday, March 28. What does it mean for the slots-at-racetracks program? Is the motion binding? And are the Progressive Conservatives working with the NDP on this motion? In an interview conducted late last week, Norm Borg and Essex MPP […] Read more »

ORC Chair Rod Seiling Seeks Cooperation From Horse Racing Industry Representatives

The Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) called a meeting of horse racing industry representatives on November 16, 2012. The purpose of the meeting was to provide clarification and additional information about the process of licensing racetracks for pari-mutuel purposes, as well as determining Race Dates for 2013. ORC Chair Rod Seiling opened the meeting with the […] Read more »