OLG Asks Horse Racing Industry To Provide Input On A Long-Term Financial Model

The horse racing industry in Ontario is being asked to provide input on a long-term financial model with respect to the ongoing integration and modernization of gaming in Ontario. That news comes from a letter addressed to Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association (OHRIA) President Sue Leslie on Thursday (October 15) by Stephen Rigby, President and […] Read more »

Building Strong Relationships to Support Horse Racing Integration

  OLG and the horse racing industry continue to work together to integrate horse racing into the provincial gaming strategy. For many months, work has been underway to build strong relationships with the industry and lay the foundation for success. Building on the momentum developed so far, Cal Bricker, OLG’s new Senior Vice President of […] Read more »

A Message To The Ontario Horse Racing Industry From The OLG And OHRIA

  For the first time, representatives from the horse racing industry, the Government of Ontario and crown agencies are working together in support of a sustainable industry. Following government direction first announced in October 2013, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) and the Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association (OHRIA), are working with the Alcohol […] Read more »

John Snobelen Pens Open Letter To Ministers Leal and Sousa

On June 1, 2015 John Snobelen penned an open letter to the Honourable Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and to the Honourable Charles Sousa, the Minister of Finance. His letter contained these integration imperatives that require input from the industry: Developing options for improving industry self-governance; Building industry capacity to effectively […] Read more »

OHRIA Updates The Progress Being Made Between The Horse Racing Industry And The OLG

The cancellation of Ontario’s Slots at Racetrack Program (SARP) has necessitated a lengthy and critical review of how the province’s vital horseracing industry might move forward to a future of profitable growth and true self-sustainability. This is, by no means, a simple task or one to be taken lightly. Patchwork “fixes” are not an option […] Read more »

President Of Horse Racing Association Asks For Patience

.                             As critical talks continue to establish a new gambling product that will integrate Ontario’s horse racing industry and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming corporation — and drive revenue for both — the woman leading the charge on behalf of horse racing is appealing for patience. Sue Leslie, the president of the Ontario Horse […] Read more »