September 1st Deadline Is Approaching For Registering Your Mare Into The Ontario Resident Mare Program

Mare Owners (or Lessees) must enroll their mare(s) in the Ontario Resident Mare Program for each foaling year that they wish their foals to be registered as ONTARIO BRED. Enrolled mares must be resident in the Province of Ontario for a minimum of 180 consecutive days, including the date of foaling. Permission may be granted for mares required to leave Ontario for breeding or health reasons. If a mare’s absence from Ontario during here 180 day residency period is approved by the Program Administrator, the residency period will be interrupted for the time she is out of the province and will resume when she returns.

The fee for enrolling a mare in the Program is $50 before she foals or $300 after she foals but before September 1st of the foaling year. Please Note: Third party proof of residency must be submitted if enrolling after the mare has foaled.

For complete information on the Ontario Resident Mare Program, please review the Standardbred Improvement Criteria Book.

For more information about The Ontario Resident Mare Program click here.

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