Premier Wynne Answers Horse Industry Questions In Legislature


On Monday, September 16 during Question Period in the Ontario Legislature, Premier Kathleen Wynne defended the Ontario Liberals’ course of action in regard to the future of the provincial horse-racing industry.

Under questioning from Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton — who has recently been promoted to the role of PC Labour Critic — Premier Wynne vowed that her government’s decisions will lead to a sustainable horse-racing industry in Ontario.

“My intention and my objective is to make sure that continues — that we have a sustainable horse-racing industry well into the future,” said Wynne, who is also Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture and Food. “We’ve committed $180-million to allow for that transition to a more sustainable industry.”

“We have been clear that modernizing the system and integrating the horse-racing industry with the gaming industry has been a priority,” Wynne said. “That is the instruction we have given the OLG, that is the conversation we have been having. And we have been clear that having a sustainable horse-racing industry is our objective.”

(Standardbred Canada)

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