Opposition Parties Adamant Legislature Should Not Be Prorogued Following McGuinty’s Surprise Resignation As Premier

According to October 15th interviews with the Toronto Sun, neither NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, nor PC Leader Tim Hudak supports Dalton McGuinty’s plan to prorogue Parliament in league with his surprise resignation announcement.

Prorogation could stymie legislature activities for six months while the scandal-ridden Liberals organize a Leadership Convention and try to regroup.

Horse racing leaders are currently scrambling to assess what the current political situation means for an industry that has been eagerly awaiting the OMAFRA Transition Panel’s Final Report. That document is expected to contain a formalized plan to allow for the sustainability of horse racing and was to have been submitted to the government by mid-October.

See the Toronto Sun’s Andrea Horwath Interview here.

See the Toronto Sun’s Tim Hudak Interview here.

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