Ontario Standardbred Horseperson Association Seeking Directors

The Steering Committee of the forthcoming Ontario Standardbred Horseperson Association (OSHA) invites prospective industry and independent directors to apply for directorships on the inaugural Board of Directors, expected to be established by August 1, 2015. Applications are welcome if received by July 22, 2015.

Early applications are encouraged. If you possess some of the following competencies, you are encouraged to apply:

• Financial;
• Governance;
• Equine welfare;
• Gaming (e.g., pari-mutuel) and entertainment industry;
• Horseperson industry;
• Human resources and compensation;
• Information technology;
• Legal/regulatory;
• Marketing and communications;
• Public policy and political acumen;
• Risk management;
• Safety, health and the environment; and
• Strategic planning.

Desired attributes of prospective directors include: commitment and engagement, communication, impact and influence, integrity and accountability, leadership and teamwork.

This inaugural Board is expected to be comprised of seven directors, including four industry directors and three independent directors. One of the independent directors will be elected Chair. Industry directors may include individuals affiliated with the Standardbred horseperson industry, including horse breeders, drivers, grooms, owners and trainers. Independent directors should have no relationship to the standardbred horseperson industry.

While the inaugural Board will be appointed, OSHA will move quickly to populating the Board with elected industry directors. As such, terms for Directors of this inaugural Board may be limited to one, two or three years.

There are expected to be five meetings per year. Modest compensation may be accorded to directors, in the judgment of the inaugural Board. Diverse board candidates are encouraged to apply, to achieve gender, cultural, age and geographic diversity.

This inaugural Board is expected to comply with leading governance practices. All prospective industry and independent Directors are encouraged to apply by submitting a curriculum vitae or short bio, in hard copy or by email, in confidence to:

The Steering Committee
Ontario Standardbred Horseperson Association
c/o Ontario Horse Racing
90 Sheppard Ave East, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2N 0A4

It is anticipated that Directors and Committee members may be eligible for a modest per diem of around $300 to $500, subject to Board approval.

Questions, if any, may be directed to individual horsepersons’ associations within Ontario, or to the Steering Committee at the above email address.


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