Ontario Horse Racing And The Ontario Racing Commission Holding Information Session

There will be an information session put on by the Ontario Racing Commission and Ontario Horse Racing held on Thursday July 24, 2014 starting at 1:00pm.

The meeting, set for the Niagara Room at Country Heritage Park in Milton, was described by Snobelen as a chance for horsemen and industry participants to provide feedback to Ontario Horse Racing and the Ontario Racing Commission. The meeting will be fronted by Snobelen and ORC Chair Elmer Buchanan.

“Elmer’s really been the proponent of this meeting, he wants a chance to get out and talk to some folks in the industry about the things that are going on at ORC from a regulatory point of view, and we’re going to get some feedback on the menu of things that are before him and the ORC in terms of changing, modifying and hopefully improving the regulation of horse racing,” Snobelen told Trot Radio’s Norm Borg.

Among the items that will likely be discussed are race-day medication and changes to fines and suspensions, especially what Snobelen called “minor infractions.”

“I think common sense is what we really want to find here.”

Snobelen will also be discussing the economics of the five-year partnership plan and where the industry thinks it needs to go in order to achieve self-governance.


AGENDA1:00 – Elmer Buchanan; Welcome and Introductions

1:15 – John Snobelen; OHR Presentation: The Business of Horse Racing A review of how Ontario Racing is funded and an explanation of Ontario’s Five-Year Horse Racing Partnership Plan

2:00 Elmer Buchanan; Industry Feedback An opportunity to ask questions and share your comments with the ORC Chair

2:30 David Reimer; Developing an Industry “IT Roadmap” The ORC is conducting a review of its “technology assets”: databases, software, and infrastructure. Is there value in undertaking a provincial industry-wide IT Roadmap?

(Standardbred Canada)

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