OHRIA Votes To Be Aggressive Should Government Negotiations Not Yield Results

With only one month remaining before the industry’s share of revenue from the Slots at Racetracks Program ends, OHRIA is asking all industry participants to remain united in our strategy and messaging with Government.

With only weeks remaining, it is more important than ever for the industry to remain strong together and to remain united.  This is not the time, yet, for radical thinking.

OHRIA is cautiously optimistic that Premier Kathleen Wynne is reviewing the current plan with the intention to provide the horse racing and breeding industry with a better, more sustainable plan for the future.

However, OHRIA is asking the industry to be on the ready should we need you to stand up for our industry if these current negotiations fail to bring the results our industry needs to survive.

The OHRIA Board of Directors, in a meeting last week, approved an aggressive campaign and agreed that funds must be raised to implement it. These funds have been received and continue to flow in.

OHRIA continues to fight for the entire horse racing and breeding industry and we need the industry ready to stand up should our latest negotiations with government not yield results.


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