Becoming an SBOA member is easy!  There are two types of members in the Association; a person, partnership, corporation or other legal entity who has paid the prescribed membership fee and either:

Annual Voting Member-owns a Standardbred horse that was bred in Ontario in the current or previous breeding season, or

Annual Associate Member-does not otherwise quality as an Annual Voting Member.


SBOA Membership

Membership fee is $20 +HST ($2.60)  for a total of $22.60 (Cdn.)

Why Become A Member?

Aside from supporting an association that is an advocate for breeders across this province, membership in the SBOA provides additional benefits.  The SBOA Stakes races (one for trotters, one for pacers) help showcase some of the best 3 year old racing fillies that will hopefully go on and become quality broodmares.

The SBOA provides 10 Breeders Awards totaling $20,000 to breeders of the top 5 finishers in the SBOA Stakes.   The only stipulation is that the breeders must be paid members in good standing with the SBOA.

Download your 2017 Membership form by clicking here.

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