McNair’s Mixed Sale A Success

It was a sunny afternoon July 29, 2014 when over 400 people gathered to consign, bid, buy or just visit with their fellow horsemen at the McNair Mixed Sale.  Thirty eight horses were on display in the Grand River Raceway paddock.

“ Grand River Raceway makes a great place to sell horses,” states Gregg McNair.” They look after selling food to the crowd and Dave Carson our auctioneer takes care of selling the horses.”

“ The trotters sold really well and a  Mach Three, Windsong Jacoba, topped the sale with a selling price of $27,000,” reported Gregg. “

“ We even got Steady Warrior, a $70,000 buy back, sold to a private buyer before the sale was over.”

Three of the horses were purchased by Quebec owners, while four horses went to New York owners. The rest stayed in Ontario.

Gregg would like to thank the consigners, bidders, and buyers for supporting his sale.

Sale Results for the McNair Mixed Sale- July 29th 2014


Hip#          Horses Name                Consignor                  Buyer      Price
1 Action West Deal Ken Sommer Carl Kuepfer 1700
2 Spirit Of America Lomangino Stable Robert Robinson 2400
3 My Last Time Gregg McNair Jim Wilson 2250
4 Heather Gatsby Millar Farm Mike Smith 5000
5 Cuda Sixty Six Doug Millard David Avino 9000
6 Taurus Warhorse Gregg McNair Alain Filion 2650
7 Raising Roseann Millar Farm out out
8 Power N Politics Gregg McNair Alain Filion 2700
9 Cimeron Scoot Daryl Roberts Carl Kuepfer 2600
10 Maxs Muscle Gregg McNair Phil Caswell 2500
11 Winnies Nugget Ted Jacobs Mike Wassilyn 3100
12 DBs Rosco Len Gamble Derek Folland 5100
13 Neversaidiwassweet Lindsey Rankin Doug Bowins 4800
14 Secret Identity Len Gamble out out
15 A Well Kept Secret Mardon Stables Andy Avery 3800
16 Catwoman Doug Millard Christy Kuepfer 2700
17 Warrawee Poseidon Millar Farm Colonel Schneider 4700
18 Laughing KIng Ben Baillargeon Lois Allison 6100
19 Seawind Ginger Bayama Farms Rolling Hills Racing Stb. 16500
20 Century Angeldust Millar Farm Vaughn Marshall 8200
21 Impatient Lady Joe Hudon G R Duld 8000
22 Freedom Land Wayne McGean out out
23 Windsong Jacoba Len Gamble Barry Treen 27000
24 Steady Warrior Wayne McGean 70000
25 Mister X Millar Farm Mike Wassilyn 8100
26 Country Delight Jeffery Gillis Laurie Potistas 3000
27 Southwind Geisha Ben Wallace Victor Puddy 4200
28 Rocket Gal Richard Moreau Melanie Tilley 2800
29 Mach Shark Travis Henry Mark Adams 5300
30 Replay Rules Rob Fellows Carl Kuepfer 2000
31 Badlandia Rob Fellows Carl Knapp 7500
32 Western Mach Rob Fellows Jamie Wilson 7200
33 Northern Idol Rob Fellows Bert Moore 8500
34 Old Man Mur Rob Fellows Samuel Stor 3700
35 Chievous Dan Rob Fellows Rene Bourassa 6500
36 Presidential Stock Jeff Gillis Patricia Gibb 2200
37 Stirling Calypso John Holding Reuben Jantzi 3000
38 Son Of Scot Ben Wallace Mark Ford 11000
39 Exhilarated Rob Fellows Rob Fellows 21000
40 Random Lightning Rob Fellows out out
41 Take That Gregg McNair Frank Dettore 3600
42 Big Norm Gregg McNair Bryan Lawrence 1600
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