Kathleen Wynne Discusses The State Of The Province’s Horse Industry

In an exclusive interview with Trot Magazine Editor Darryl Kaplan, the Premier of Ontario and Minister of Agriculture & Food Kathleen Wynne discussed the state of the province’s horse racing industry and imminent re-integration with the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp.

Stating that she “wants the industry to thrive”, Wynne answered questions pertaining to modernizing and integrating gaming and racing, slot machines and racetracks, returning to the slots-at-racetracks program in Ontario, industry confidence in this partnership and plan, the tracks left out of the five-year plan, what ‘sustainability’ looks like, the state of the breeding sector and foreign investment.

Wynne did confirm that there “will be other products and other ways of generating revenue” for the horse racing industry in collaboration with the OLG but has left the details of such arrangements to be finalized and left in the hands of Transition Panel members John Snobelen and Elmer Buchanan — who is now the chair of the Ontario Racing Commission.

(Standardbred Canada)

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