Feature Of The Month: Sportswriter


Casie Coleman is on top of the world. She’s lost over 70 pounds this past year, found new love, surpassed 50 million dollars in earnings as a trainer, and is part owner of unquestionably the best two-year-old sire on the planet.

Sportswriter (Artsplace X Precious Beauty) is the leading two-year-old sire for:  North America, Australia and New Zealand.  His first foal crop born in 2012 consisted of: 154 foals born in North America and another 155 foals born in the Southern Hemisphere.  That kind of phenomenal fertility is practically unheard of.

As Casie trained some of these 2012 foals in Florida last winter, her daily posts on Facebook revealed how pleased she was with her Sportswriter babies.

Then when they started to qualify in 2014 and charge to the front in the Ontario Sires Stakes program she cheered from her Facebook page, “Sportswriter who woulda thought you could be even better in the sac then on the track!! Impressive big man!! Keep it going I love ya!”

What’s not to love about:

Foal Statistics (2012) for North America (as of September 2014)

154 horses born

97 Raced

37 Race Winners

45 with best time<=2:02

42 with best time<=2:00

29 with best time<=1;57

17 with best time<=1:55

3 with best time<=1:53

$1,595,990 Total Earnings

$20,727 Average Earnings Per Starter


 Foal Statistics: (2012) for Australia and New Zealand (as of September 2014)

Australia’s Leading First Crop Sire 2013/2014 Season

33 Individual 2-year-old winners

13 Winning on Debut

28 Winning within their first 4 starts

73 Raced

10 In sub 2:00

Sire of Australia’s Fastest 2-year-old filly, Read About Lexy in 1:54.6


To really understand Sportswriter’s accomplishments to the fullest let’s take a look at how he compares to North America’s leading stallions.


Leading Money Winning Sires – 2 Year Old Pace (2014)



Sire                                                                   in 2014                  Money

====                                                              ========            =====

SPORTSWRITER                                                  77                  $1,595,670

WELL SAID                                                           53                  $1,330,988

BETTORS DELIGHT                                          67                   $1,300,572

ART MAJOR                                                        62                   $1,170,144

DRAGON AGAIN                                                44                    $1,023,958

WESTERN IDEAL                                              26                   $886,489

SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE                          47                    $880,212

ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN                                  58                    $876,725

AMERICAN IDEAL                                            50                   $797,352

WESTERN TERROR                                          51                    $797,050

ROCKIN IMAGE                                                58                     $702,959

FEELIN FRISKIE                                              39                      $697,194

ROCKNROLL HANOVER                               63                      $522,971

PANSPACIFICFLIGHT                                    53                      $459,664

YANKEE CRUISER                                           24                      $439,499

MCARDLE                                                          22                      $434,287

SPORTSMASTER                                              35                       $430,636

PONDER                                                             10                        $420,635

THIRD STRAIGHT                                            9                          $401,680

MACH THREE                                                  39                          $367,148
When asked  if Sportswriter would be staying in Ontario for the 2015 breeding season, Casie said, “Yes, he will be standing stud at Tara Hills Farms again in 2015, but we may raise his service fee just a bit. We are grateful to all the folks who supported Sportswriter in his first few years, so we won’t be too hard on them when they return to breed again next year.”

Ontario has been fortunate to have world class Standardbred stallions making up the rosters of their breeding farms.  With stallions like Sportswriter standing stud duty here, the tradition of quality racing in Ontario will continue.

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