Equine Canada Announces Horse Day Celebration Planned For June 6, 2015

Equine Canada is pleased to announce that Horse Day celebrations in Canada will take place on June 6, 2015.

Previously, Horse Day’s fun filled family events were organized at local levels, without a formalized process, allowed Canadians in every province the unique opportunity to explore and discover all things horse. This year, under the purview of Equine Canada’s Recreation division and in conjunction with the provincial equestrian associations, Canadians will have the wonderful opportunity to join Horse Day celebrations to be held in multiple locations across Canada.

Horse Day, which started as an Ontario Equestrian Federation initiative, is now a national celebration. The first Saturday of June is marked as Canada’s National Horse Day. This day will be a unique opportunity where everyone will be invited to honour, explore and discover the world of horse. For many Canadians, it will be their first time experiencing Canada’s wonder and majestic partner, the horse. EC and the provincial equestrian associations invite all Canadians to join us as we set aside one day of the year to acknowledge the important contributions made by horses in our nation’s heritage and how people of all ages continue to enjoy horses in sport and leisure.

Horses have been part of Canadian history for almost 350 years and have been integral part of our culture. Since the first horses were brought into New France in 1665 by Louis VIX, King of France, they have greatly contributed to Canada’s rich history as means of transportation, working and cultivating our land and in serving this great nation during times of war. The horse in Canada continues to be woven into the fabric of this country through vibrant horse sport, industry and as a much-loved one-of-a-kind leisure partner.

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(Equine Canada)

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