Elmer Buchanan New ORC Chair

Elmer Buchanan has been appointed by the Government of Ontario as Chair of the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) for a term of one year. Most recently, he served as a member of the Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel, which met with industry participants and worked to develop a vision for the industry’s future.

Mr. Buchanan’s knowledge, leadership and dedication will benefit both the horse racing industry and the ORC as it implements the new governance structure.

Industry development functions – including the administration of funding programs, oversight of animal welfare and horse improvement, and the racing program – will be delivered by a new division of the ORC.

The new governance structure is one of three pillars identified in the Horse Racing Partnership Plan, designed to stabilize the industry. The others include sustainable funding over the next five years, and the integration of horse racing into the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s modernization plan.


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