Ed James Calls On Municipal Councillors To Curtail OLG’s Gaming Plan

Veteran harness horse owner Ed James placed a full page ad in the Toronto Star on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013 in one last attempt to enlighten the general public on the folly and financial repercussions of Paul Godfrey’s gaming modernization plan.

“Your only chance to stop this nonsense of a casino or slot machine on every corner is your local councillors,” he writes. He urges everyone to contact their local representatives because it is their voices that will decide whether individual municipalities sign on for this kind of blight.

Kudos to Ed James for his individual efforts to avert the tragic circumstances foisted upon the horse racing industry and the province by closing out the Slots at Racetracks Program.

This is the third full page ad placed in the Toronto Star by Mr. James. To see the full text, please click here.

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