Check Out The Fabulous Stallions In The SBOA Auction

The SBOA has had fabulous support from three of Ontario’s greatest breeding farms. If any other breeding farms are interested in donating breedings to their stallions, or if individuals or businesses would like to donate something for our silent auction, all support is appreciated. You  can make these contributions by contacting Aimee at or 519-856-4431. Thank you to all.

Stallions In 2014 Auction

Stallion Farm Stud fee
Vintage Master Winbak 3,500
Mach Three Tara Hills 7,500
Mister Big Tara Hills 2,500
Majestic   Son Tara Hills 4,000
Sportswriter Tara Hills 4,000
Camluck Seelsters 7,500
Artistic   Fella Seelsters 4,000
Big Jim Seelsters 4,000
Holiday   Road Seelsters 3,500
Windsong Espoir Seelsters 3,500
Angus Hall Winbak 6,000
Shadow   Play Winbak 4,000
Badlands   Hanover Winbak 5,500
Glidemaster Winbak 4,000


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