2014 Ontario Sires Stakes Program Announced

The Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) Program is on track to provide an exciting season of racing. Developed by the Standardbred Advisory Group and approved by the Ontario Racing Commission, the 2014 OSS program will offer over $16.6 million in purses and just over $2.1 million in Ontario Bred and Ontario Sired Rewards.

“We felt it was important to maintain consistency and continuity within the Program,” said Paula Wellwood of the Standardbred Advisory Group, “however, there were some elements that we wanted to improve on this year and I think we’ve accomplished that.” Program changes for 2014 include setting all Grassroots division purses at $18,000, reinstating the Grassroots Semi-Finals and raising Gold Super Final purses to $250,000. “The Program’s administrative staff has put a great deal of effort into working the numbers to ensure a program that is viable and reflects the new goals of the 5-year Horse Racing Partnership Program. This plan works and works well.”

Gold Series – The Gold Mid-Summer Challenge has been eliminated and replaced with a Gold Leg. – The Gold Program will now consist of 5 Gold Legs followed by a Gold Super Final. – The Starting Fee for each Gold Leg will be $800. – Each Gold Leg will have a total purse of $210,000, which will be split between the required number of divisions. However, in the event of only one division, the purse will be $150,000. – If 6 or more divisions are required for a Gold Leg, there will be a minimum purse of $40,000

Gold Super Final – Horses will earn points in the 5 Gold Legs to qualify for the Gold Super Final. The purse for the Gold Super Final will be $250,000.

Grassroots Series – The number of Grassroots events per age/sex/gait remains at 6. – The purse for each Grassroots division will be $18,000. – The Starting Fee for each Grassroots event will by $350.

Grassroots Semi-Finals and Championships – Grassroots Semi-Finals have been added back into the program with a purse of $20,000 per division. – The purse for the Grassroots Championship remains at $50,000.

For more information on Ontario’s Horse Improvement Programs, visit the Program pages at ontariosiresstakes.com or contact the Program Administrator at (416) 213-0520.

The Ontario Sires Stakes Program was established in 1974, with the objective of encouraging the breeding of quality Standardbred horses and providing an economic incentive for breeders, owners and trainers to breed, buy and race in Ontario. This year marks the 40th year of the OSS, which over the years became the gold standard of sires stakes programs in North America.


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